Thursday, 19 March 2020

Do's and Don'ts during air travel in the times of corona virus scare

Under the #coronavirus threat, most of us have chosen to stay at home, but what if you have an important travel that you need to undertake?  

What precautions must you take if you have a critical domestic / international air travel coming up. I have compiled a list of dos and don'ts that you must follow :

1. Carry disinfectant tissues , sanitiser and wet tissues with you

2. Wear a mask since airports can be a hub for infection

3. Avoid using touch screen kiosks for self check in , if you have to sanitise your hands post that

4. Instead if carrying credit cards using apps to pay - Samsung pay or other apps like Paytm / mobikwick / Airtel Money etc, avoid handing over your cards and using POS machines to punch in your card pin

5. Keep hand baggage to a bare minimum and avoid putting your stuff in the security trays / bins so that you don't have do touch such unnecessary surfaces

6. Avoid holding handrails / handles of the escalator/ transport bus / metro to your terminal

7. Before you take your seat in the plane take a disinfectant tissue or a sanitiser and sanitise your seat handles , buttons for adjusting the seat, tray tables , window panes / seat belt buckles

8. Wear a mask throughout the flight to safeguard your self if anyone sneezes during the flight

9. Keep your self away from duty free zone  as much as possible to avoid touching any unnecessary surfaces.

10. Post using the lavatories on board wash hands properly post usage and sanitise your hands before returning to your seat since you will open the door and touch the door handles

11. Dispose or wash your mask in dettol and soap post u have arrived at your final destination.
Lastly be safe and stay alert . Be conscious and do not touch any part of your face and eyes post touching any surfaces exposed to public .
. . PS : the picture of the particular airline is for illustration of airline travel only and bears in no way any relevance of why this particular airlines plane was used in the picture

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