Thursday, 31 January 2019

Old Delhi - The vegetarian street Food hub of Delhi

Old Delhi is a paradise for Indian street Food lovers. I recently made my customary winter trip to Old Delhi and just freaked out gorging on delicious food and incorporating the calories on my waistline.

If you are a foodie and hav not been to old Delhi yet, you don't know what you are missing out on. Whether it is chaat or falooda or cholley Puri or kheer or even kachaudi and lassi Old Delhi has it all.

I have compiled for you a list of places not to  Miss in Old Delhi. Especially around Chawri Bazaar and Chandni chowk. I have purposely left the parathe wali gali out of this list because I feel their food is just over rated.

Start your trip with Chawri Bazaar Metro Station

1. Ashok Chat Corner - start your trip here since this shop is just outside the Metro Station. Famous for their Kalmi vada they also sell kachalu ki chat, gol gappey,  papdi,  dahi bhalla and tikki

2. Standard sweets - Just a lane ahead of Ashok chat is this shop renowned for its Nagori Halwa,  cholley poori,  and sweets. An absolute must visit place

3. Jain Coffee shop  - Famous for its fruit sandwiches this shop is located near the PNB ATM their buttery sandwiches are a delight

4. Sudarshan - do not miss their Badam milk and kachaudi. Located a little ahead of Jain coffee shop this place will titillate your taste buds.

5. Shyam sweets - located across Sudarshan this is your perfect breakfast spot. Famous for their delicious lassi and Bedmi poori and sabzi this place is an absolute must visit

6. Daulat ki chat stalls - do not miss daulat ki chat, a winter delicacy on stalls across old Delhi.

7. Shakahaari restaurant - do not miss their soya Kathi kebabs and roomali

8. Old Kheer shop - located opposite chawri bazaar police station this place has kheer cooked for 8 hours at just 30/- bucks a plate. Just delicious beyond imagination.

9. Naan khatai vendors - this hand made biscuit is available across Old Delhi being sold by multiple street vendors. It's soft and mushy and better than the biscuits from the best bakeries

10. Kuremal Mohan Lal kulfi Wale - located in Kucha pati Ram in chawri bazaar across the lane opposite Ashok chat, this place is famous for their fruit stuffed kulfi , Paan kulfi and other kulfi. Must haves are Jamun kulfi,  orange kulfi,  coconut kulfi and malai kulfi

11. Natraj Dahi bhalla corner - famous for its dahi bhalla and tikki this place is just outside Chandni chok Metro Station. Personally I thought their food is over rated. But you can't ignore the fact that this place is legendary.

12. Old famous Jalebiwala - some delicious jalebi awaits you here. Have either a jalebi solo orix and match it with a spoonful of Rabdi in Chandni chowk.

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