Monday, 23 May 2022

Hahn's Kitchen, Gurgaon - Delectably Korean

 My ist dine in meal outside in NCR in two years and that too korean. 

The Place has both Contemporary and traditional Korean seating and is located inside One Horizon Center in Gurgaon. The Ist time I went we were delightfully surprised not only by the food, but also the service. 

Korean Cuisine is very close taste wise to Indian Food and its not surprising for any normal Indian to absolutely fall in love with Korean Food like me. The Ist time we started with the korean rice wine or Makgeolli followed by a portion of Ttoekbokki ( rice cakes and fish cakes in a spicy gravy), veg kimbap (nori sea weed veg rolls) and a spicy veg cheese Bibimbap (cheese fried rice). 

The second time we also tried Japche or Glass noodles and Korean Fried Chicken and Mandu or dumplings. I strongly recommend the Ttoekbokki (the Chef will also make it in Veg if you ask), the Bibimbap and the Kimbap. 

A bill less than what you expect every time including alcohol for two people. Excellent service and good ambiance, They also give you generous portions of side dishes which they refill Too which makes the experience even more delightful The South Korean meal was a delight to our taste buds. Hahn's Kitchen A must visit place if u want to have korean Food and Makgeolli.

Having been here four times already in two months, I am definitely going back again and again.

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