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Juicing for Health and Weight Loss with BOROSIL

Years ago, juicing was something that was associated only with the health-conscious.  One would identify the health freaks if he or she owned a juicer or drank fresh juice instead of canned regularly. But today the story is different. And I am happy that people today are much more aware of taking their bodies seriously and not over loading them with calories. Today people like me prefer juicing to lose weight, to cleanse and to consume more nutrients and antioxidants and vitamins.

In an era where we all lead stressful lives burning midnight oil in the corporate world and working 12-14 hours every day and where Pizza and pasta have become a daily consumable and health problems like cholesterol, fatty liver and even obesity are rampant. We have become people who hardly consume any fresh fruits or vegetables and prefer colas over fresh juices. Money and western imperialism is taking a toll on our health and our lifestyle is full of lethargy and zero physical activity. This is where a juicer perfectly fits your kitchen and to get your life back on track and to detox your body from the toxic cola’s and oily and cheesy food you consume.

Juicing is the perfect and easiest way to get more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Especially if you have kids who are not into fruits or veggies juicing them is the perfect way to ensure they get their nutrition. Juicing is a great technique to ensure that we and our loved ones consume a greater variety of fruits and vegetable than they may otherwise eat. Once your juice is ready, it's best to drink it instantly afresh to preserve its taste and quality.

Juicers are increasingly becoming a popular and a fast moving consumer electronic item sold online or in department stores. There are Juice bars that have popped up anywhere and everywhere in the city and cold pressed juice delivery service is increasingly gaining popularity as we speak. But trust me the cold pressed juices cost a fortune. I would rather hygienically make that juice myself at home without adulterating it with water or any condiments rather than order a meagre 100-200ml quantity. The comfort of a juicer also gives you the advantage to make juices which are not available in the market or delivered by most of the cold pressed juice outlets. You can make a bitter gourd or bottle gourd juice at home or mix a cucumber celery beetroot juice for a perfect detox or make a mint and watermelon combo. So the fact that I am trying to sell to you people is that “GET YOUR LIFE BACK ON TRACK” before you turn 40 and your cholesterol is giving you trouble and your old jeans stop fitting you. Consider this a wakeup call and move to a healthier lifestyle and pamper yourself by gifting yourself a Borosil Juicer – The quickest and easiest and of course your first milestone in making the healthier choice.

I was wondering if you go out with a friend or your partner for a meal including drinks the bill would easily shoot up to about 4000-5000 bucks and if one can spend so much on one meal, one can definitely shell much less money than that in buying oneself a Borosil Juicer for taking those inches off your waistline. And who doesn’t want to look good and feel good.

For me, weight has been a continuous life long struggle. When I was in college I was a basket ball player and used to work out and run every day and managed to keep those kilos off. But post a ligament injury in my ankle and on my knee the foodie in me overtook the workout frenzy girl and I piled on kilos after kilo’s and I wouldn’t fit into the best of my clothes and it started worrying me when my knees started paining while moving up and down the stairs that’s when I realized that my body is sounding an alarm and I need to do something about it. I have done everything from a VLCC to a dietician to protein shakes and because of my injury I cannot indulge in a rigorous gymming regime so I decided to take charge in my own hands and started watching what I ate and drank.

In the beginning I did order cold pressed juices from outside and only later did I realize that the taste seemed adulterated and that juices had a large bit of a water content. And I thought it wouldn’t pinch if I gifted myself a juicer. I went ahead with the compact Borosil Juicer,. Very user friendly a great scratch resistant stainless steel body, easy to clean and handle and makes some excellent juice, I have run out of the number of juice variants I have made from my juicer. My Borosil has become my one of my top most prized possessions. I has not only helped me shed loads of inches but also helped my husband lower his cholesterol levels. I give my husband fresh Amla, Karela and beetroot juice at regular intervals and it has really helped. Whenever I am on a detox diet I fill myself a bottle of fresh carrot and mint juice and carry it to work or make myself a glass of lauki juice in the morning which is Baba Ramdev’s secret recipe to weight loss.

I am a little surprised how much I enjoy juicing my way to a good health. Even though I mostly stick to vegetable juices, but even the fruit juices that my BOROSIL makes are bright and refreshing, like a sunny summer day. They not only taste great but and made me feel great about myself too.

Sam’s tips for juicing
If you are committed to march towards the good life, here are a few pointers to make the best juicing experience with your BOROSIL:
Ø  Focus on both fruits and veggies in your juice. 

Ø  Add some mint or ginger or lemon for that extra zing in flavour.

Ø  Include apple and beetroot as they are one of the best miracle items nature has created

Ø  Include 1-2 root vegetables may be carrots or beet roots which are so full of antioxidants to make your skin glow and your hair shine.

Ø  You could also make a juice out of your leafy and other greens like a cucumber or celery or a broccoli or even mint

Ø  Consider adding back some pulp or vegetable fibre that is filtered out by the juicer. This will make your juice more filling and healthier.

My recipes with my Borosil Juicer –

Fresh Watermelon Cooler


          2 tetra pack Nariyal Pani / Coconut water
          Fresh Watermelon enough to make 2 glass of juice
         Juice of 3 Lemons
         sugar and chat masala to taste
         1 inch ginger
         Few fresh mint leaves


In the juicer put the ginger, mint and water melon. Juice out and strain. Add coconut water, sugar or chat masala and lemon juice.Refrigerate and pour in 2 glasses.

Beetroot & Ginger  Cooler

2-3 apples
2 medium Beet root
One inch piece of ginger
crushed Ice


Pass the beetroot and the ginger piece through your Borosil. Then dice the apples and put them in the juicer, and pass the beet and ginger through the juicer as well. Blend in some ice and serve in a tall glass and enjoy your glass of chilled juice

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My watermelon Cooler

My watermelon Cooler

Beetroot and Ginger Cooler

Beetroot and Ginger Cooler


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