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SelectED Events and Dining - A bespoke Event at Heritage Village Resort & Spa Manesar

About the Company 

SelectED Events and Dining - a Trusted name in Luxury Catering and bespoke events. SelectED is one of India’s leading Luxury Events Catering companies. Passion for food, fresh ingredients and dedicated teams striving to push the boundaries of event catering makes them deliver what they pride themselves on – brilliantly architectured menu tailor made to every customers taste, exceptional presentation and impeccable service. 

When SelectED Events & Dining(SelectED) was conceptualized, the ethos and vision of what SelectED would stand for were very clear in the minds of its founders. By pushing boundaries with innovative food & stylised presentation, SelectED aims to be the architect of a perfect tailor-made experience. “Part of the passion is having the persistence and resilience to change both your art and the way you deliver it.” Putting it simply, SelectED events are Quality over Quantity. 

Their Services : 

> Weddings
> Corporate Events
> Celebrations at home
> Destination Events across Geographics

SelectED is one of India’s finest niche outdoor luxury catering and event companies. Whether its a Corporate event, a wedding, your fine dine Sit down Anniversary Dinner, a Diplomatic function, a Book launch, you name it and they will plan it for you and exceed your expectations. 

The team :

Gaurav Mathur - director culinaire 

With over a decade of experience with ITC, Chef Mathur has unparalleled culinary expertise and can conjure up the most innovative delectables in Indian, Oriental, American and European cuisines. He doesn't believe in taking the menu to the client but the actual samples of food for tasting.

Ishaan Sarkar - CEO 

A chef by profession and a foodie by passion, Ishaan’s extensive experience in some of the most reputed names in the hospitality industry has given him the edge required to execute events as grandiose as the Commonwealth Games or a royal destination wedding. Ishaan has worked with likes of Taj Group of Hotels, Graviss Hospitality and Sodexo to name a few.

Ideology : 

They offer a completely personalized and unique experience and live up to the meaning that their tagline implies, ‘Create magic through food’. They take full accountability of each aspect of your event. SelectED has a team of hard core dedicated professionals working hard behind the scenes deliver impeccable experiences. 

Their drive for perfection in each event is such that the company CEO, Marketing head and Chef insist on doing just One Event Per Day, irrespective of the scale making them perfectionists with no room for compromise. They strive for their clients to have a fine dining restaurant experience par excellence that they would not have experienced any time before. They design tailor made packages suited to each individual occasion including carefully curated and hand crafted menu's by the Chef making sure your event is a culinary delight that is memorable for all times to come. 

Tradition Vs Modernity

SelectED believes in making food innovative from simple basic ingrediemts so that they live their brand promise - Creating Magic with Food. Their highly experienced chefs will deliver traditionally cooked classics with a creative twist. They will Jazz up simple Indian Favourites and create Chicken Tikka Pies or Pav Bhaji Sliders or Something quite simple like Makki di Roti is presented in the form of Sarson ka Saag Mousse with Makki Biscotti. They really do their food differently and believe in the use of interesting props and intricately designed counters coupled with premium cutlery and glassware. 

My Experience

We were there at Heritage Village Resort and Spa Manesar where the SelectED team had curated a one night two day event for us. An event that was tailor made for a selected few to experience Luxury at the resort first hand. 


When we arrived, we were given a warm traditional Indian welcome and the CEO himself escorted each of us to our rooms. The rooms were done up beautifully. I was floored and really touched by the fact that they had made me personalized cupcakes which even had my picture on them. Rooms were crisp with a lovely bottle of Red wine. The Room's were so comfortable and perfectly stacked with all amenities nothing short of a 5 star resort. 

Post Lunch I took a tour of the property and was enchanted by the massiveness and the beauty of the resort. The place is green. Green as far as one can see. Well maintained lawns, Swimming pools, restaurants serving great food, comfortable rooms, the place is a complete package. 

High Tea 

At 4.30pm we met for the high Tea. And I cannot begin to tell you, how mesmerized I was by the beautiful display of Cup cakes, loads of Bakery items, mini calzones, Pizza's, Empanada's, Pop's Pie's and Danish's. Dozens of beautifully baked cookies and famous Mumbaiya and Delhi Street food was also on display besides some Organix Food favourites. 

I was so enchanted to see that they has even done a version of Kala Khatta Gola which was a stunner. Tea / Coffee with some stunning looking was on display which gave me a natural high. I was impressed to see a unique combination of various knick knack tea time food on display at the high tea. Truly Unique, commendable, and again Tailor made. 

Cocktail and Formal Sit Down Dinner

The Cocktails followed by a Formal Sit down dinner was nothing less than perfection of a ritual. There was a unique array of finger food both on display and was being served during the cocktails. The Bartender was sweet to take everyone's order for a bespoke drink or a cocktail and each drink emerged perfect just as one would like. I loved the Trio Nacho's, Parma HamMelon pops, Squid Peri Peri and bi Fing Prawn. The Jalapeneo and cheese Stuffed Gucchi was a rock-star. 

The Dining room was decorated in white. Loved the fact that there was a perfectly planned seating arrangement for each of us with personalised name Tent Cards and personalised Menu's with our names written on them for each of us. The wine pairing with the food was stunning. The menu was so detailed with options that one would want to have every single item, because their descriptions sounded so mesmerizing. 

As the meal arrived course by course, I fell in love with every single dish and I must complement Chef Mathur for painstakingly planning such a beautiful menu. The meal started with the beautiful sight of Sarson Mousse with Biscotti and I chose the Tandoori Atlantic Salmon with Basil pesto. Both the dishes were such a beautiful sight. Salmon cooked to perfection and Sarson mousse what a gala beginning to a great meal. I also indulged in the Gucchi Khichdi and the pickled Salan. The mild subtle flavour of the Salan's gravy complemented the Khichdi really well. 

The dish of the day for me was the Newzealand Lamb Chops with aam Papad and Cocum Jus. Lamb cooked to perfection really went well with the Khichdi.

The dessert Sampler arrived like a beautifully painted picture in front of us with lovely flowers and chocolate strips in the middle. What a sweet end to a Gala Meal. 

Sunday Brunch.

What a Gala end to this unique weekend with an innumerable array of beautifully displayed dishes in the arms of nature. The buffet setting was beautiful with an exhaustive Breakfast station with rolls and breads, Cold cuts and eggs to order. Very interestingly I also saw Bheja Fry, Gurda Masala and Liver Fry along with some perfectly cooked Tala Gosht. I felt as though I had died and I went straight to heaven. Each of these dishes or should I say unique meat items were different than the usual and certainly not the mundane Butter Chicken and Rogan josh items. What interested me even more was the Baobunwrap with some unique fillings like pork, shrimp and yummy lamb. The pasta station was way too tempting and I was instantly drawn to the Haleem and the Biryani's. Would you believe it, there even was Japanese and some north Indian comfort food on display. 

The display of desserts was nothing less than spectacular. With wasabi Ice cream, and baileys Crem brulee I was converted. I absolutely adored the beautiful Mango Basil Entremet 


I must complement the service staff for their coordination and perfect plating and timing of each course. They ensured our Wine glasses never went empty and goblets were always full. Full marks. 


Our departure was with a sweet note and we were presented witha beautiful parting Gift if a Belgian Chocolate cake decorated like a Maharaja's Kundan Necklace. It was what I would call Food Art. It felt like Royalty at the end of this Royal Experience. 

The weekend has to be one of my most memorable weekends ever and the SelectED team ensured they make this experience as unique and as special for us as possible. So people if you are hosting your parents anniversary, or that corporate event or even planning your wedding reception, you now know who to call. 

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Ishaan Sarkar - CEO 

Gaurav Mathur - director culinaire 

The High Tea Event 

The Cocktail and Formal Sit Down Dinner

The Sunday Brunch

The Departure at a sweet note


  1. The food was always great, I think they just updated their menu and it's off the hook. Who would expect delicious pizza at such big events. Not me, but you can get some of the best pizza there. The best Chicago venues in the area.