Friday, 1 May 2015

6 cocktails you Cant miss if you are in Delhi

I am not an alcohol person and do not like hard liquor, because of one plain and simple fact that I associate everything with taste and because my palate finds hard alcohol tasteless I usually settle for Cocktails or wine over hard liquor. I love them mostly because of that one major ingredient which makes the cocktail what it is. 

I have compiled a list of my Favorite Cocktails in Delhi, not in any order of Ranking or preference, but purely on the basis that I loved them. 

  • Twins - The beverage is Tequila based and is superb whether you have a simple and refreshing with the subtle flavour of coconut milk and Mango pulp on a bed of ice with Kaffir lime leaves. Loved the combination of flavours that makes each beverage a completely refreshing and quenching experience. You get this at the newly opened Lutyens Cocktail House in Connaught Place. 

Twins - Lutyens Cocktail House

  • Marbella Mojito - Loved this Vodka based cocktail. It was a mojito with a twist. It was minty, orangy, tangy, zesty totally loved it. You get this at Quote Bar in Connaught Place

Marbella Mojito - Quote Bar 

  • Watermelon Martini - A beautiful looking Vodka based refreshing drink which just set the mood for an awesome meal. Loved the watermelon flavour and the garnish on it. You get this at Coopers Grill and Bar in Gurgaon.

Watermelon Martini - Coopers Grill and Bar

  • Pomegranate Martini-----An absolute Vodka based ladies drink, and tops my list of favourite cocktails in the city. Loved the subtle flavour of Pomegranate in this no frills attached Cocktail. You get this at schengen Deli Bistro in Malcha Marg.

Pomegranate Martini - schengen Deli Bistro

  • Desi Roots – A fantastic vodka based cocktail with Lemon grass, lychee, brown sugar and Oolong tea combining to make this a mind blowing drink. Loved the fact that this was served in a Kullad. Tasted unbelievably great. You guessed it right, you get this at Desi Roots in saket.

Desi Roots - at Desi Root

  • Sex on the beach - Well, since I happen to be a Vodka and cranberry freak, I ordered this drink, and I wasn't disappointed. Loved it totally. You get this at the Veda Cafe in Vasant Kunj

Sex on the beach - Veda Cafe 

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