Monday, 22 June 2015

Biryani By Kilo - Super Biryani - 4/5

The Biryani Culture in our City is becoming a widespread phenomenon as we speak. And let me assure you it is actually as similar as the Burger Bug smitting us. Don't get me wrong, I certainly mean that in a good way. 

With western imperialism overtaking us from all angles with the Wendy's and Burger Kings and the Fat Burgers trying to encroach the food segment in the city and trying to make a mark on the palates of the foodies in this city, there is still a loyal Foodie Segment who'd rather have a Dal Makhani Shahi paneer or a handi of Aromatic Biryani rather than having a Cheezy non healthy, Low on  nutritional value Pizza or a Double Whopper. Also the culture of ordering Biryani in house parties is trending too. I have lost count of the number of times I have had house parties where you know people will eat the snacks to their hearts fill and all my hard work in cooking an awesome main course will go in vain. So I have learnt it the hard way and have now tried to stick to a Veg and Chicken Biryani post the cocktail sessions at home with friends and relatives. 

I had a small house party recently with some close friends and we were looking for ordering from a new place and we remembered having read about the new kid on the block Biryani by Kilo in the paper and with people talking all positive about them we were so excited to order from here. 

The order was taken and we received an SMS confirmation of the order and another SMS confirmation when the order was despatched from the base kitchen. Wow, I was impressed about how well is the order tracking mechanism. The order arrived well within the promised time frame and not in plastic containers, but in earthen Handi's. 

It seems that the Biryani is cooked in Dum in the same containers that are used to serve. Another distinguishing USP of Biryani by Kilo is that they give you an earthen Chulla or an Aanch Box with 3 candles and before serving one can light the candles place the Biryani on top for 8-10 minutes and your Biryani is ready to serve. 

The moment I opened the Lid of the Handi, the  aroma of the Basmati rice mesmerized me. The quality of the rice seemed super and trust me they tasted even better. 

The Biryani came with a Salan / Gravy and the quantity is sufficient for 3-4 people and the price for a kilo is a steal in both veg and non veg. I loved the fact that the Biryani was not overflowing with oil / Ghee and loved the fried onions on top and that it was not overloaded with spices. The essence and flavour of the meat was intact and let me tell you the ratio of rice to meat was mind boggling. I lost count of the number of Chicken pieces that came out of the handi. 

The Veg Biryani was great too and I adored the Mutton Galouti with the Ulte Tawe ka Paratha. You know, sometimes Indian food satiates your soul and fills that void better than what a Burger or a Pizza does. 

The Mutka Phirni was killer. I loved the aroma of Saffron and the nuts in it. One of the best Phirni's I have had in the longest time that I can remember. 

Guys, my guests were all praises for their Biryani and so was I. I strongly recommend that whenever you are planning to treat your friends or colleagues at work or throwing a house party, call Biryani by Kilo and let your party be a success.

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