Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Legendary KARIM HOTEL- Jama Masjid- Old Delhi

Well, guys, this was a visit that happened sometime back. And I still maintain that a visit to Old Delhi is nowhere near the viscinity of completion if you do not go to Karim's. Karim's is an age old Place believed to be actually started by a khansama of the moughal rulers, and have been serving us Delhites fresh Moughlai cuisine. From the Darbars of the Badshah's bringing their culinary wizardary to us locals this place has come a long way over the last few decades or so. Started in 1913, Haji Karimuddin, passed on his culinary skills that he exhibited well in the courts of Bahadur Shah Zafar to his son Haji Nooruddin and that was when the foundation of this culinary Gem called Karim's was laid.

Besides winning so many awards and accolades, Karim's has carved a niche for itself and is a big name and an authority on moughlai cuisine. Even though Karim's today has started a franchisee model too, but the taste, the authenticity that one still finds at the original pioneering outlet in old delhi is impeccable and not available elsewhere.

A cycle rickshaw ride from Chandni chowk metro station Karim's happens to be in a lane across Jama Masjid and as one enters the lane where Karim's is, one cant help but drool over the maddening variety of food one sees. As soon as we got a place to sit, we placed the order for some Mutton Kebab's, Egg curry, mutton korma, some biryani, some mutton kali mirch and some Khamiri Roti's.

Coming to the food review:- 

> Mutton Seekh Kebabs - Ah! droolingly divine. Soft, mushy, melt in your mouth meaty wonder.

> Egg Curry - You can give this one a miss. Gravy was great though

> Mutton Korma - Great flavourful curry. Tender juicy pieces of mutton make up for a hearty meal with the Khamiri roti.

> Chicken Biryani - Flavourful, aromatic, with just the right spice content. Loved it. 

> Mutton Kali mirch - Even though it was a little oily for me, it tasted great nevertheless. The gravy was a rockstar with just the right peppery taste. 

Guys, if you are in delhi, you ought to visit this treasure trove, and you will thank God for life itself. Visit and like my blog for more on food and travel, the automatic hyperlink is below.

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